Howie Hawkins Is No Kanye West

Howie Hawkins may be the Green Party’s presidential nominee, but he isn’t Jill Stein—or at least, he can’t be, because he’s not on the ballot in as many swing states as Stein was in 2016. Courts in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania decided this week to keep his party’s ticket off of the 2020 ballots. But Hawkins […]

The Comedy and Tragedy of Virtual Live Events

On this episode of Social Distance, the comedian Maeve Higgins is back home in New York after weathering the pandemic’s first peak in her native Ireland. She joins James Hamblin to talk about her strange journey back to the United States, and the strange moment the country finds itself in. James Fallows returns to reflect on the Democratic […]

College Football Needs to Follow Science

As colleges send athletes back on the field, we’re learning more about how COVID-19 could have serious and long-lasting impacts on hearts in even the healthiest among us. At last week’s presidential debate, Donald Trump claimed he “brought back Big Ten football.” The college conference reversed course earlier this month and voted to send football […]

Is Faster Better?

The federal government is telling states to prepare for a vaccine as early as November. But a major trial has been put on hold. On this episode of Social Distance, James Hamblin and Katherine Wells look to staff writer Sarah Zhang for answers—and updates on a vaccine. But before a vaccine arrives, is testing our best hope? Staff writer Alexis […]