Faceless Mary manages to tell a great story and make you feel unnerved in six minutes. A few minor technical issues do not stop this from being enjoyable.

What’s It All About?

The clock ticks 1:11 am and Mary wanders at stairways seeking revenge. Who is the one to blame for her tragic, sudden death and how does she attract her victims to die the same way she did?

My Opinion

I thoroughly enjoyed this short. I thought the story was well thought out and engrossing. It started very well and built up to a very satisfying conclusion. Nicky de la Vega has done an excellent job of bringing her story to life. The cinematography was excellent and framed the story very well. There was a great mix of shots that really helped to keep things visually interesting. I particularly enjoyed the more obscure shots. Nicky managed to do a great job of creating an atmosphere that made the audience feel unnerved and built up the tension.

The Faceless Mary was great. It was extremely creepy ad very disturbing. It was an excellent idea and executed really well. The effects used to create this was brilliant. I thought it really upped the horror factor. Nicky also made use of drawings to help tell the story of Faceless Mary. The drawings were not only creepy but also very well done. I thought this was a really nice touch and added something extra to the short.

Some of the editings seemed a little uneven. I thought some work could be done with the pacing of the short. At times the cuts came thick and faced, at other times they were a bit more drawn out. The fast cuts seemed made me feel as though I was being rushed along to the next scene without getting the time to digest what was happening. If the pace was slowed down a little on some of these scenes it could have really help to pull me towards the edge of my seat as I felt as though the tension was there, it just wasn’t given the time to bubble over.

I thought a little work could have been done with lighting in certain scenes. At times it was so dark it was extremely hard to see. Obviously, the darkness is part of setting the scene and creating atmosphere but I felt I was at the point where I was straining my eyes as I couldn’t see what was happening on screen. Maybe just adding a single lighting source could have helped.

Notable Performances

Kari Peltola played The Man. I thought Kari did a great job. Considering he had nothing to say he had to rely a lot on his facial expressions and his body language to do the work and he delivered. He was able to portray fear very effectively. His actions told us everything we needed to hear.

The Verdict

I really enjoyed this short. I thought the story was great and the pay off was satisfying. The Faceless Mary was extremely creepy which is always good. I felt as though this could have done with a few more minutes in the runtime to settle the pacing and help build the suspense. A few minor technical niggles but overall an enjoyable watch.